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    Areas We Service & What To Do When You Don’t Have a Realtor in the Area You’re Looking

    By Anderson & Associates | June 7, 2022

    Areas We Service & What To Do When You Don’t Have a Realtor in the Area You’re Looking With school being out, and Summer fast approaching, our team is receiving questions regarding the areas we service. We’ve included a service area map below for you to reference, but rest assured, if you have counties outside... Read More

    Homes For Sale in Summergrove | Newnan, Georgia

    By Anderson & Associates | April 26, 2022

    Moving to Summer Grove | Newnan, Georgia Summer Grove in Newnan is one of the most popular and largest neighborhood in Newnan Georgia! It is located near the interstate and shopping, like Ashley Park Newnan and more. It also has its own entry point to The Linc a walking trail that circles around the city... Read More

    Why You Should Contact Your Realtor Before You Start Looking at Houses

    By Anderson & Associates | January 17, 2022

    We get it! We say it is our job to keep an eye on the houses just listed on the market, but in reality, who doesn’t love to look at homes for sale? I am not sure at what age we go from loving cartoons to binge-watching HGTV, but here we are – addicted and... Read More

    What Are Closing Costs When Buying A House?

    By Anderson & Associates | January 13, 2022

    Some of Anderson & Associates favorite clients are first-time home buyers. If you’ve already bought your first home, can you remember the excitement of having a place to call your own? A home that you can make yours through decorations, traditions, and family? We can, too! It’s exciting and we are so honored for each... Read More

    Find Your Dream Home in Newnan

    By Anderson & Associates | September 23, 2021

    Find Your Dream Home in Newnan, Georgia Our team of local experts is ready to guide and hold your hand through the home-buying process, entire transaction, and beyond. We would love to help you find a home in Newnan, Georgia that fits your needs. We are committed to fast, professional and courteous service to help... Read More

    How a Listing Agent Prices Your Home

    By Anderson & Associates | September 2, 2021

    How a Listing Specialist Determines the List Price of Your Property When Selling a Home It’s important to note that every real estate agent or listing specialist determines the list price of a property differently. This is a sneak peek inside how our listing specialist, Alexis Anderson, runs numbers for the properties she lists for... Read More

    What is a listing specialist and how do they help you sell your home?

    By Anderson & Associates | May 21, 2021

    If you’re not immersed in the world of real estate, the different terminology can get pretty confusing! And buying or selling a home is not somewhere you want to be confused! If you’ve ever wondered – What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a listing specialist? What does a listing specialist do? What... Read More

    Keep Newnan Beautiful Spotlight with Page Beckwith

    By Anderson & Associates | July 12, 2018

    After stumbling upon ‘Keep Newnan Beautiful’ in a Facebook Event, Anderson & Associates was CURIOUS to say the least! If you’re anything like the girls on our team, we are constantly looking for ways to be more involved in the City of Homes that we live in and Coweta County in general. Once we found... Read More

    Meet Our Team Series | Amber Wright

    By Anderson & Associates | July 6, 2018

    Since our team has grown so much in the past few years, Anderson & Associates decided to start a Meet Our Team series! Today we are talking with Amber Wright, one of our amazing Buyer Specialists! Enjoy! Read More

    Collaborations with Sarah | Adding Value to Your Home with Amber Wright

    By Anderson & Associates | June 29, 2018

    Sarah Pyke with Anderson & Associates recently launched her Youtube Channel: Collaborations with Sarah! Being in the real estate business and specializing in working with home buyers, both Amber & Sarah have learned what to look for in a home! If you’re thinking about selling your home, here are some helpful tips on how to increase... Read More