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Why You Should Contact Your Realtor Before You Start Looking at Houses

We get it! We say it is our job to keep an eye on the houses just listed on the market, but in reality, who doesn’t love to look at homes for sale? I am not sure at what age we go from loving cartoons to binge-watching HGTV, but here we are – addicted and browsing homes online! 

However, if you are serious about purchasing a home, here are a few reasons why you should get in touch with a realtor you trust before you start “favoriting” those homes.

  • Schedule a Home Buyer Consultation – Contrary to popular belief, we want you to talk to us long before you ‘think’ you are ready to buy a home because odds are – you are farther along in the process than you think! Many people think they need at least five digits before you can think about buying a home and that is simply not true! Many of our first-time home buyers in the past did not have a down payment to put down and were able to purchase a home, start gaining equity, making their house truly theirs, and stop putting money into rent! in a home rather than putting it into rent. These are all things we go over in your homebuyer consultation.
  • Get Pre-Approved – One of the hardest conversations we have when we tell you that ‘estimate’ you found online is not always the most accurate and doesn’t include escrow – taxes, insurance, etc. (Again – something we’ll explain to you in your home buyer consultation). Getting pre-approved with a lender you trust will help to save your time by giving you a realistic budget on what you can comfortably pay each month. Then your realtor is able to set up a home search based on a monthly payment that you’re comfortable paying. Not to mention… this market is selling homes like crazy and you’ll want to have a pre-approval letter to be able to submit a competitive offer. 
  • Prepare for Buying a Home – We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right? You may be a few months to a year or two out from buying your first home. Whether your credit needs work or you would simply prefer to take the time to set up and put a down payment down on your dream home, we can give you tips and tricks to help you get there and walk you through that process. If you have a home to sell, we can tell you the best way to add value to your home to sell for top dollar. 

We don’t just want to be there for the sale and closing of your home – we want to be there to help you through all entire process! Even if you may not think you’re ready, simply submit a form below to get your free home buyers consultation and get started early on the process so that you’re prepared when the time to buy your dream home does come. Then you might just be living in the home you ‘favorited.’ 🙂  

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